Chess club of a new time «Indigo»

Шахматный клуб INDIGO

In the city of Shelekhov opened a chess club of the New Time «Indigo». They play here «Angel Chess». The head of the children’s chess club «Indigo» Natalya Yegorova gave an interview on the television of the city of Shelekhov.

Руководитель детского шахматного клубаа

This is a very emotional FRIENDSHIP and COOPERATION game. This kind game brings children closer together. The game teaches children to cooperate, teaches to accept and give love sincerely.

In every game, we work through real life. Before playing, you need to set a goal. Each figure here carries its own semantic load. While playing, children learn to live consciously in harmony with the world around them.

Ангельские шахматы дети

Through the tests in the game, there is a rethinking of your life. Through constant discussion and mutual assistance, royal sacrifice and the return of other people’s pawns to the game, the players become emotionally close.


You can learn more and take part in the games of the chess club «Indigo by calling +7 9641021524

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