About me

Hello, I’m Evgeny Kitanin (Vet Zatinus).
I am the author of the transformation games “Lila Chakra”, “Kryon Code”, “Field of Change” and author of the books “Multidimensional Interpretation of the Hexagrams of the Book of Changes”, “The Basic Law of Subtle Energy Exchange”. I present to you my new game “Angel Chess”.

I wanted to create a game for both leisure and self-knowledge with an emphasis, a dominance of cooperation. Regular games tend to be competitive. However, my personal life experience says that the most successful life strategy is cooperation, not antagonism. Moreover, the main part of our daily tasks is finding harmony sometimes in very difficult situations. However, almost all of our games are competitions or even battles.

How to create such a game? I tried it by coming up with new rules for classical chess. Two players at the chessboard do not fight, but cooperate and strive for harmony. The result is a game in which there is a certain combination of moves leading to success. The game didn’t work out because there is no opponent. This is probably why there are so few cooperation games. His Majesty (the symbol of transformation games) A DICE helped to solve this problem.

Angel Chess is a combination of dice throwing (the main element of t-games) with classical chess. When we want to harmonize situations that are very important for us with help of a game, the points on the dice fall out so as to find a solution for us. This is exactly what happens in t-games. Carl Jung discovered this law and called it “Synchronicity”. Therefore, “Angelic Chess” combines the beauty and excitement of chess and the transformation of consciousness inherent in t-games.