The first game was organized by Oksana Ostapova in the city of Rostov-on-Don RUSSIA. She is now a Certifying Angel Chess Master. I talked about the idea of cooperation as the dominant feature of this game.

At first everything was very strangely incomprehensible …

Everyone listened with great interest. WHAT IS IT?!

This is how the field looks like during the game.

EVERYTHING was unusual, from the field to the intense, very emotional interaction of the participants during the game.

В процессе игры все стало на свои места. Игра про ЛЮБОВЬ!

Most of the participants were already experienced game practitioners, they already had wonderful transformation games in their arsenal. Many were masters of the Leela Chakra and Kryon Code games. Therefore, they quickly grasped all the psychological nuances of karmic interaction in Angelic Chess.

The game was born! Its rules will still change, but the main goal has been achieved! The game is very gambling, very emotional! The main essence: the game brings together, makes ALL participants together!

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