Angel chess is a multidimensional game of achieving harmony and cooperation

Angel Chess is a game of chess figures for any goal. You can play without a goal, then this game is to achieve harmony with your Angels, with your Higher Self. From 1 to 11 people can play at the same time. The figures are marked with the players’ zodiac signs. Substitutes (as in Helengir’s setups) can participate in the game. The game is multidimensional: it takes place simultaneously on 8 fields. Each field corresponds to a chakra (8 = 7 chakras + 1 “Samadhi” chakra). Each field contains 4×4 cells.

Angel Chess

This is a game of the New Time because this game is about achieving HARMONY and COOPERATION. Do you know a lot of games where COOPERATION would be dominant? I believe that COOPERATION has already become more relevant than the usual battles and competitions. Wouldn’t it be boring here? Where is the rival? The opponent here is the game itself, thanks to the throwing of two four-sided dice. Emotions are simply over the top!

In Angelic Chess, “Synchronicity” (K. Jung’s law) is very powerfully manifested, thanks to throwing dice. If a player strives for awareness of his life, then the points on the die do not fall out by chance! Angel Chess is an oracle predicting how your goal will be realized in the manifested life. This game has deep meaning, because here the King is you yourself, or your goal; The elephant (bishop) is associated with issues of honor, faith, religion; A knight is thinking outside the stereotype box, a knight is romantic love. The rook is the foundation, the bulwark of life, money. A pawn is a contribution to the future, development of a goal, a child. Therefore, the loss or acquisition of any figure in the process brings great emotions.

A powerful transformation of consciousness takes place in Angel Chess. Life and fate literally change here. Why are such loud words? Because here, in addition to realizing the deep causes of events, the most important, key skill is being trained: how to react to difficult, traumatic, and even dramatic events in order to achieve harmony and happiness.

Karma is tested in the game. A karmic event occurs when one player removes another player’s figure from the game. Here you can also manifest “Just love” by presenting a figure to another. It is also possible, at the expense of the “Royal Sacrifice”, to revive a Pawn for someone, and it may be possible to earn huge positive Karma on this in the future. Thanks to this, the game is very emotional and brings everyone very close. Strangers become friends during the game!

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