Festival “Big Game” in April 2023 in the city of Irkutsk. Angelic Chess and Lila Chakra.

Ekaterina Kirichuk, a certified master, presents the game “Angel Chess”:

“This game is about love, about relationships and harmony, agreement with the universe. The game will show the scenarios you are currently going through. How do you interact: does it destroy you or fill you, is the truth yours or is it still something that you generated with your free will.”
“Angel Chess” is a game that never ceases to open new doors of possibilities.

Starting with the fact that it gathers people for a reason, uniting them according to their needs and resources.

What I mean is that in the game everyone can see their traumatized parts, on which they are focused or stubbornly not noticing, day after day, living them in their lives. And, of course, the advice is resourceful, powerful, those that will help connect, restore and give the right direction.

But this is not a magic pill, this game will only go to that depth and give exactly
as much as the player himself is ready🤗

This is a game about cooperation and at the same time about trust.

In the photo below, together with Ekaterina Kirichuk, is Natalya Egorova, a certified master of Angel Chess. At this festival, Natalya played the game “Lila Chakra” (for more information about the game Lila Chakra, see https://igra-lila.ru/).

Our contacts:
Egorova Natalya (tel. 89641021524)
@detiindigo33  @doc.egorova.vnl @michaelstudio.vnl
Kirichuk Ekaterina (tel. 89148795943)
@katyfka89 — Telegram, Instagram
We will be glad to play Angel Chess with you online.

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