Angel Chess at the festival “Psychological, transformational and business games “Gift of Games” in Krasnodar, October 9, 2022.

The next festival of psychological, transformational and business games “Gift of Games” was held in Krasnodar.

Natalya Belyaeva, a certified master of “Angel Chess,” presented our favorite game at this festival.

A special limitation was made on the number of participants to 6 people, so that everyone could immerse themselves in the process and experience everything that happened there.

This time the game was exciting, emotional, full of awareness and joy from a deeper understanding of the laws of existence, what causes events in people’s lives and how to react to them.

The participants gained experience of how to relate to dramatic events with acceptance, and understood that other people had no intention of causing pain and suffering, that everything was karmically determined.

There were two Royal Casualties in the game. This means that there were people willing to put their already achieved goal at risk for the benefit of others.

This means that in the reality of the players there are people who are ready to share their success, giving the players a new chance to achieve their goal. Kindness, mercy and the desire to make the world a happier place were demonstrated so powerfully here!

The festival organizer expressed gratitude for hosting the deep and wise game “Angel Chess.”

Everyone was satisfied, a little overwhelmed by the events they had experienced, excited, joyful and grateful. They wrote down contacts, asked when they could play again… One of the participants wanted to buy the game.

Belyaeva Natalya (t.+7 9181345273) @Lady_light_inside Telegram
I will be glad to host the game of peace and love “Angel Chess” online or offline for you.

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