Angel Chess at the VII All-Russian Festival
practical psychology

In December 2021, the Baikal Humanitarian Institute of Practical Psychology held the VII All-Russian Festival of Practical Psychology on the topic: “Life without anxiety – myth or reality.” The festival was attended by a certified host of the transformation game Angel Chess, endocrinologist Natalya Egorova, who presented a report on the topic: “Anxiety from the perspective of endocrinology. The possibility of correcting anxiety states with the help of the new transformational game Angel Chess.”

Отзывы об игре смотрите в конце этого видео.

Angel Chess can be considered as a kind of simulator for developing adequate constructive psychosomatic reactions to sudden, sometimes very difficult life circumstances. This game teaches you to perceive all events that happen correctly, and therefore with love. Thus, this game has a positive effect not only on a person’s psycho-emotional state, but also improves hormonal balance. The game was also held in an offline format and aroused great interest.

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