Angel Chess at the T-games festival “Big Game” in Irkutsk 07/23/2022.

On July 23, the annual festival of T-games “Big Game” took place in Irkutsk. The event took place in a very cozy art space “Kolba”. The festival was attended by 12 gaming practitioners with different T-games and more than 50 players.The new game AS aroused a lot of interest; the game was very different from other T-games. AS players were very pleased and delighted with the game. According to them, the game gave many answers to their queries. The game, as usual, was very interesting and exciting.

All the players noted that despite the fact that the game turned out to be quite difficult, they did not notice how time passed. Everyone was passionate about the game.

They will be looking forward to new festivals. Everyone was inspired and at the end of the festival, given the huge interest in the games, the organizers, gaming practitioners and players decided to make this event not annual, but monthly. So I recommend everyone to play T-games more often and change themselves and their surroundings for the better.

Certifying master AS Natalya Egorova (tel. 89641021524)
@detiindigo33  @doc.egorova.vnl @michaelstudio.vnl
I invite you to play the game Angel Chess! Possible online.

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