Angelic Chess at the ethno-eco-art festival “Looking Inward”. Sacred mountain Yord of Lake Baikal. August 2022

The festival took place in the Irkutsk region near Lake Baikal and the sacred Mount Yord. There were more than a thousand participants and leading gaming practitioners at this festival. At the festival, shamanic rituals were performed, ethnic songs were sung, streaming drawings were performed, various practices were held, and a wide variety of transformational games were held. Our game Angel Chess took part in the “Look at Yourself” festival.

The game was conducted by me, Natalya Egorova, Ambassador of the Angel Chess game, and my colleague Daria Konstantinova. We are certified masters of this game.

The second stage begins. This stage is the toughest in this game. This always happens, it happens in different ways… I can already see that everything here is strictly structured here! Yes! A person must learn to react to everything with Love. Because no matter how it is, everything will always be fine! If you believe in this and very much trust the signs, your feelings, your intuition, then everything will happen in the best possible way. I’ll also tell you that regular work with this game actually builds some kind of incredible intuition.

Let’s all thank the game now… Thank you. I think she gave a lot of important advice and answers today. So play, live, transform!

Let’s look at karma now. Who won our T-shirt?

As I already said, this game did not leave anyone indifferent. There were a lot of emotions: tears, joy, and fun.

Let’s now look at the reviews of both the participants and the presenters themselves.

The feelings have already dried up before our eyes… In general, thank you very much! I didn’t even plan to play this game. A game that shows you what’s really going on. What you see, what you feel, what you yourself are even afraid to admit, say… This game just showed what you should think about, what you should accept… Thank you, girls, so much!

Do you think people should play transformation games? Certainly.
Do we need to change, become better? We need to change, we need to change our attitude towards people.
Harmony will probably always be good. Thank you!

Are your wings your feelings? My feelings. The game revealed something that I didn’t want to open my eyes to. Thank you for such a soft presentation, I appreciate it.

Thank you. Accidents are not accidental!

A lot of good things have already been said about this game. For me, this is emotional, this is a look inside myself, it revealed moments that I tried to hide from myself, to brush aside, that were not realized. The game showed exactly what you need to pay attention to. Thank you very much girls for doing this!

Thank you very much!

In general, the festival is intended for people to look within themselves, see strength in themselves, soar in spirit and somehow begin to live more harmoniously. And the game Angel Chess came in very handy within the framework of this festival, because its main task is to teach people to live in harmony and respond to all even very difficult events in life with Love. In my opinion, the players were very surprised by this game. They were shown exactly what they were running from, they were shown it right in the face. And as usual, during the passage of the figures there were frustrations, emotions, and tears. How and why you need to Love… As a result, they saw that everything that is not done is for the better and, in principle, there is no need to be afraid of anything, but you just need to treat everything with love and understanding. In general, any experience is a good experience. We are once again convinced that the game of Angel Chess is generally a remarkably powerful tool in learning about yourself and changing your attitude towards life. Every time I play, I’m more and more surprised at how powerful it really is and how truly exciting and interesting it is. We laughed and cried… I think we had the most emotional, loudest circle.

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