Festival “Big Game” in September 2022 in the city of Irkutsk

Hi! I am Natalya Egorova, a certified presenter and Ambassador of Angelic Chess. Our favorite game visited the next festival of transformation games “Big Game”. This festival took place in the city of Irkutsk. It gathered a huge number of participants and turned out to be very interesting and colorful. This time the game was presented by me and Ekaterina Kirichuk, a certified master of the game.

“Hi all! I am Ekaterina Kirichuk, an entrepreneur and conductor of Angel Chess. This transformation game helps to identify the scenario by which you are moving towards your goal and understand whether it works for this goal or not; come to harmony with yourself and receive approval from the Universe for the implementation of this project, or not. This is an honest conversation!”
Natalya Egorova: “This game allows you to hear hints from our Angels whether our goal is achievable or whether there will be big problems. We must accept everything with Love, draw conclusions and grow spiritually…”

Ekaterina Kirichuk: “It was my first time working with teenagers. It was new! These are those parts of the psyche that are responsible for non-standard thinking. They came unconventionally, they behave unconventionally.”
Natalya Egorova: “The teenagers looked like one of the Angelic Chess pieces. And this figure is a Horse. This is romance, this is unconventional thinking…”


Ekaterina Kirichuk: “I plan to continue playing this game. Because it is very diagnostic: it directly shows at the moment a person’s attitude towards his intention, the ability of the Universe to realize… And at the same time, there are so many insights in the understanding of what are you doing right now? I thought that I was smart, and when it happens that I offend someone… They don’t care, but I was so worried! I introduced an innovation – these are “Chakra Oracle” cards. They help to understand what is happening, especially if there is a strong karmic interaction in the game…”


“My name is Olya. I played Angelic Chess for the first time. I really liked it, very interesting! And so unusual! Because it’s very cool to connect chess with something so intangible! I will recommend this game to my friends.”

“My name is Natalya. This is my first time at transformation games. I was impressed and liked the game. I have a feeling that I already knew everything that happened in the game. From the game I realized that I was moving correctly towards the goal and everything would be easy for me! The cube brings something interesting to the game, something from the outside… It looks like our life…”

Eva: “Interesting! This is my first time playing such games! It was an unusual game. I don’t know how to play chess.”
Masha: “I know how to play chess. The difference between this game and chess is that here you need to help each other, you don’t need to kill someone. I also liked that there are no winners in this game.”

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